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 5G And Other Energy Dampner

   On the left is a person without protection from radio frequency radiation.
The person on the right has radio frequency protection. Protected from external energy from radio frequency radiation that decreases IQ, organ function, stamina and lifespan.

The artist depiction above  is a generally accurate graphic illustration of electromagnetic energy upon the human body where once irridiated with a transmission from sattelites or from a local source such as 5G or Cell Phone transmitter that energy will be decreased in power by the bands on the body.

   It does work, it is not nor can it be completely effective, inductors are well known in the area of electronics and the bands work to reduce the effects of radio frequency energy passing through the body. The material the anti-radiation bands are to cause energy passing through and around you to coalesce as if the energy is being attracted to the bands eating up the energy through a brownian motion mechanism of absorption.

   What Do You Have Under Your Hat?

 People who use "Anti-Radiation" will have a rise in intelligence and general health, organ function. It reduces aging of the cells which is good news for those concerned about stopping wrinkles too. The reason is due to Anti-Radiation reducing electromagnetic energy in and on the body, that's what is known as EMF reduction. Research and engineered to suppress these energies from traveling on and inside the body.  For the average person after a very short time wearing the head or body bands, they will feel the difference with the bands taken off the head or body, signs may be from noticing cloudy thinking to a discomfort throughout the body; your body will tell you it's true the bands do reduce unhealthy energy. Electro-sensitive persons will also notice a distinct difference in their sensitivity.

    These days everywhere you go there is a high level of radio energy that naturally couples into all people because their bodies are natural antennas. Our bodies are composed of 80% salt water which is highly conductive like a metal antenna. Radio Waves have length and those that are the same length as a human body couple to it with almost 100% efficiency and that is bad for the entire human organism. So then the frequencies from 175 megahertz to 300 megahertz are generally the frequencies that cause problems in human physiology and furthermore higher and lower frequencies at high enough energies will convert to electrical energy when they demodulate in the human tissues where that energy despite it having been at frequencies not normally coupling with the human body due to their frequencies physical length being differenct that the human body lengths said high and low frequency electromagnetic energy will be affected by the Anti-Radiation Bands which will dampen that demodulated energy and protect the cells from it to some varying degree. Anti-Radiation Bands segment the length of the body reducing the efficiency of the environmental radio energy coupling into the body that may be adversely affecting your body.

   The action of radio energy is two-fold; first the radio energy causes an increase in vibration of atomic, molecular and therefore cells of the body also, that movement is called "brownian motion" and can cause chemical aberrations contributing to cross linking of molecules speeding up the aging process as well as diminishing the efficiency of the organs and systems of the body and causing debilitation and illness.

   The second aspect of radio energy is that it causes a byproduct of electrical current that flows on the surface of the skin at high frequencies and internally inside the bodies tissues depreciating them in the same way.   

   Not just theory but scientific fact. Our environment is saturated with harmful radio wave radiation. This is well known to the elite scientific community. In other countries the levels allowed in the USA are thousands of times higher than they permit for their people.  The Anti-Radiation Band system was invented based on the engineering principle in electronics of filtering specific electromagnetic energy from electric circuits; the same filter principle is used for example to remove static from your favorite radio station music. Now you can enhance your overall performance while also wearing the stylish Anti-Radiation Band.  

   Unique protection that reinforces the body's natural physiology by fighting off excess EM (electromagnetic energy effects) contributing to maintaining normal and healthy mood, intelligence, skin complexion, hair, organ efficiency, stamina are governed by the environmental effects of electromagnetic energy.

   Designed and invented  John Mecca

 Live longer and healthier by reducing
EMF in your body.  

What the Invincible Anti-Radiation Band system will do for you!

  • Decrease effects of electromagnetic and electric energy. 
  •  Decrease of pain from electromagnetic energy.
  • Decrease effects of being in the path of transmitters.
  • Decrease of pain from such beams.
  • Increase your IQ by 3-20 points.
  • Increase the skins health.
  • Increase organ function.
  • Increase sex drive.
  • Increase stamina.
  • Increase life span.
  • Increase attention span for studying.
  • All life'sctivities.Increase your quality of life.
  • Who can use Anti-Radiation Bands
    Electronic attack victims
    Students for studying
    Business executives for decision making
    Sports enthusiasts for concentration
    Health conscious people
    Doctors for clarity of thought
    Electro-sensitive persons
    Chronic fatigue syndrome
    fibromyalgia ( forearm anti-pain bands )
    Ordinary people who want more out of life

    What makes the
    Anti-Radiation Band work?

       The invention of the Anti-Radiation band is a unique composite of materials that directly interacts with radio energy. It is composed of a compound specially formulated for just the right amount of conductivity so that it virtually absorbs the radio energy from and to a person.

       It took years of research and testing to conceive of this device. After having done two years of extrapolation of relevant issues on how the attacks were being done and searching scientific information an answer did appear, which was an IEEE test used for measuring electromagnetic energy in the body. Upon that body of scientific information suitable instruments were purchased and using them it was confirmed that electrical currents were present in our body's from many sources and spawned an effort of investigative research as to how such damaging energy could be reduced. The answer after much effort is the anti-radiation band system. 

       The use of metals which conduct electricity have been used for decades as a way to block radio energy and is well known when arranged properly; yet such methods that use actual metals besides being bulky will cause the action of an antenna and re-radiating the body which is not desirable and will cause the problem of increasing exposure. The problem with metal is that it conducts too well and acts like an antenna and virtually attracts radio energy; which is  opposite and  would cause of course an increase of radio energy which is not healthy for the body. Anti-Radiation bands are made so that radio energy is reduced in two distinct ways, first the surface of the body having unwanted electric currents upon it has them filtered off the body by action of the resistive bands acting in exactly the way electronic choke filters act on wires inside electronic circuits, also electric currents and radio frequency energy inside the body is reduced by repellent induction which works much the same way as a choke filter except the action described affects energy deeper inside the body.

       Your body is under attack right now, as we are all in a sea of electromagnetic smog and industry and government increase those levels every day. It is always a good idea to protect yourself and loved ones when its well known EMF is harmful and its not always true that what you can't see can't hurt you. Powerlines are everywhere under our front lawns over our heads; as we drive we are exposed to hundreds of hot spots around town not to mention in the home. For additional information look up on any search engine "electromagnetic energy and health".

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     normal wear and tear, or will be replaced at no charge!


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    SUPER SOUND AUDIO, took 3 years of research that resulted in this product.

    Get the CD alone that when played in area
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    A Real Corona Virus Cure? 

    March 3rd, 2020

       I am not a doctor, the information offered here is based upon research and cannot and should not be considered worth doing without your doing your own research to verify the usefulness of it. The following supplements have been stated to stop the virus from replicating in humans.

    The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) is the average daily dietary intake level that is sufficient to meet the nutrient requirement of nearly all (97 to 98 percent) healthy individuals in a particular gender and life stage group (life stage considers age and, when applicable, pregnancy or lactation).

    There are numerous reliable scientific studies that show that the RDA greatly exceeded has in some cases direct benefit and it not detrimental to health, however you are responsible for your dosage and you might want to consult with a doctor or other expert.

    Corona Virus may be protected against by having the following at somewhat higher levels that ordinarily taken as supplements:

    PLEASE NOTE: Your personal dosage of the following supplements will likely vary as to the maximum you should take.

    *        *       *

    1. Vitamin D3 2,000-10,000 IU daily

    2. Calcium

    3. Appropriately K2

    4. Selenium per directions plus

    5. Zinc per directions plus

    6. Magnesium

    7. Calcium

    8. Vitamin C 4000

    9. Glutathione

    10. B complex

    11. Kelp for Iodine, or iodine itself

    12. Copper capsules in water to gargle with and spritz with a saline spritzing atomizing bottle into the airways by inhaling it.

    13. One a Day Multi vitamin every other day for the additional other nutrients are according to standards relevantly important as well.

    14. NOTICE:

    i.   The above are believed to be important to supplement individually.

    ii   Samer Blockmon, an internal medicine specialist at the Georgia-based Piedmont Healthcare system, agreed that excessive hand washing can make you vulnerable to illness. If you wash your hands too often, you are also removing the healthy oils and good bacteria that defend against disease, she said.

    15. The method of protection from infection is to augment the immune system. How many people know that preventing or even slowing down coughing reduces  inflammation of the tissues that are moving violently with each cough, slowing or stopping the coughing can reduce infection getting more severe. Therefore the use of a hair dryer may be of help for those who are coughing, put chap stick on the lips and keeping the har dryer 12 to 18 inches away from the face inhale hot air for some 3-10 minutes and it may cause the coughing to cease. The context is related to reports that persons whom were very sick with flu many years ago had a job in the boiler rooom heating in a building basement, those people that were sick went into work in those basements supposed to be approximatly 130 degrees Farenheit were nearly all better after a day at work; having done much the same thing in a sauna and with harir dryers can say it does work, as ti whether it will help with flu, influenza or corona virus it can be said that whatever the body does not have to fight off will augment the immune system and be of some advantage.

    16. Will a mask be an advantage,  yes a mask is a good ide for as long as the threat of deadly infection remains high, particularily in supermarkets since that is the only place nearly everyone needs to go to. In a pinch any fabric is potentially useful to create a mask. Despite that home made masks are not anywhere as efficient as a N95 Respirator and they are not a guarantee of effectiveness they can leak, not be properly cleaned and viruses can be contracted through the eyes. But any advantage is a good advantage.

    17. The use of ordinary grocery store soda "tonic water" may be of some benefit to drink. It should be looked into

    18. There are other more extensive methods that are out of the reach of most people that are not covered here.

    19. REPORT, PRINT AND DISTRIBUTE  www.secretangel.tv

    20. Pray for redemption and for Jesus's prophets who have been and are being crushed by the godless and greedy.

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