1. To receive the letter send the name or names and the address to send it to.

2. Should you want to have the letter sent to additional loved ones, family, friends, associates or strangers send those names and addresses seperated clearly so that the letter can be addessed to them properly.

3. And if you want it mailed to multiple persons make sure to clearly show their seperated U.S. Mail addresses.

4. Write to:

John Mecca
119 Whittier Drive
Kings PArk, NY 11754
5. You may also have the letter sent to the email address loved of loved ones, family, friends, associates or strangers, be sure to describe what the perosn email is you want a letter sent to.
And if you use paypal they give a position for a message for you to state the U.S. Mail address or E-Mail address to send each letter.

6. Many in the world are in a state of tribulation for which we are to do our best in all things that we can.
     GOD and his Son Jesus the Christ have a plan for us to make things better for all.


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